Jinkou Trade

The JINKOU GROUP widely and wisely assists developing business to grow, providing to our clients and partners prime and excellence in our services and products.

Jinkou Trade

Operating as a supplier, as a buyer or as an agent the Jinkou Group  trades raw material and chemicals  for industry, pieces and parts for assembling lines, new technologies in productions, high tech products, private label products and goods.

Jinkou Services

The Jinkou Group provides importation and exportation processes, consulting in international trade, feasibility and technical reports from markets and products, distribution, procurements, agencies regulations information, pricing, mediations and consolidations.

Jinkou Products

The Jinkou Group has a vast portfolio of products reaching several areas in industry, chemicals, machinery, metals, plastic, constructions, electronics, energy, environmental, textile/apparel, households, pets, consumers and goods.

Jinkou Trade

JINKOU GROUP subsidiaries reach out on China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Asia, USA and North America, Brazil and South America so far. We are in expansion reaching new global areas and new products.

JINKOU TRADE’s knowledge of culture and business practices combined with excellent connections and market research will provide your business with rewarding opportunities.

The opportunities are waiting on:

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Los Angeles, CA, USA